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LJA Associates LLP was formed in 2011 by Linda Watiri Muriuki, James Gitau Singh and Andrew Mukite Musangi. LJA is rooted in about eighty (80) years of collective legal expertise in Commercial Law, Conveyancing Law, Probate, Commercial and Criminal Litigation, Intellectual Property, Public Procurement Law and Immigration Law to mention but a few.

LJA also boasts experience in Legal Framework Structuring and Project Advice and more recently Public Private Partnerships.

Practice Areas
Why Choose LJA Associates?

  • Efficient client- centered legal services

    The Firm has the professional complement of three (3) partners, eleven (11) associates and support staff that take pride in offering efficient client-oriented legal services with a strong commitment to professionalism, all harnessed under partner accessibility.

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  • Business Growth and Strategy

    LJA's current client portfolio runs well beyond eight thousand (8,000) active files including several banks, insurance companies, blue chip companies, airlines, hotels and supermarkets.

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  • Justice for all

    Our commitment to understanding people is what sets us apart. As a professional legal service provider, we ensure that our clients are never denied access to justice.

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Our Services

Our Practice Areas

  • Litigation & ADR

    This Firm represents its clients; be it corporate clients or individuals before the courts and in alternative dispute resolution avenues like arbitration and mediation. We also appear before statutory and administrative tribunals with a particular bias towards Public Procurement matters.

  • Banking and Finance Law

    Over the course of the years the Firm has provided legal advice in matters relating to the capital markets and the finance sector in general. The Firm has provided legal advice to insurance companies, banks, hospitals, telecommunication companies and other corporate entities in matters revolving around the raising of capital both locally and internationally.

  • Conveyancing and Real Estate

    The conveyancing department has handled many briefs both for corporate and individual clients.

  • Immigration

    Advice on citizenship, application for citizenship, permits and passes, processing of documents and provision of advice to multi-national companies that hire expatriates.

  • Intellectual Property Law

    Creation and registration of intellectual property and the protection from infringement and lastly, in seeking the most appropriate remedy that best fits the client objectives.

  • Employment and Labour Law

    Legal advice on employment and labour laws to corporate clients, hospitals and health service providers on employment contracts, labour relations, trade unions, recruitment, termination, redundancy, unfair dismissals, pension and retirement benefits.

  • Family Law

    Advice and legal representation to clients in matters of family law. We bear in mind that no situation is alike therefore we strive to provide advice tailor made to suit the particular circumstances.

  • Wills and Probate

    Matters relating to wills, probate and administration of estates. We provide legal advice in regard to drafting and execution of wills and powers of attorney and further, on the administration of estates.

  • Debt Recovery & Receivership

    Advice and legal representation to the party undergoing bankruptcy, liquidation and receivership and alternatively the party seeking to recover debts.

  • Taxation

    We aspire to provide effective and practical solutions across the board to both individual and corporate clients covering both domestic and international tax law; striking a balance between our clients‘ objectives and the law.


How can LJA Associates help your business?

LJA has worked with over 300 businesses in the East African region to improve their legal workflow and achieve results.

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